The Bus Team

With team play the wishes of our customers always have a clear road.

Founded only in 2017 and yet already many years of experience in bus rental and the planning, coordination and implementation of complex bus transfer logistics in the business sector and for large groups. How this works: Through many years of instructive competence-gathering of the Hanse Mondial founders in areas of interesting responsibility and in numerous projects in the bus and event industry-as well as through the sound branch-relevant training of all professionals in the Hanse Mondial team..

However, we firmly believe that it is above all our teamwork, ideally matched to individual abilities, that makes us special. Each individual is the perfect contact person and companion for our customers as a professional. But it is only in concentrated team play that we create one hundred percent smooth support as if from a single source. Or as we at Hanse Mondial like to say to each other, customers and partners:

Together we are strong - United we are even stronger.

Our People & Culture Team

Foto: Susann Kloß

Susann Kloß

People, Culture & Office Manager

Foto: Hanna Heiderich

Hanna Heiderich

People, Culture & Sustainability Manager

Our Distribution Team

Foto: Robert Fey

Robert Fey

Head of Sales & Project Management

Our Key Account Management Team

Foto: Anna Giuseppina Merten

Anna Giuseppina Merten

Team Lead Key Account

Foto: Sarah Gräbel

Sarah Gräbel

Account Manager

Foto: Jin-Marc Hafeneger

Jin-Marc Hafeneger

Account Manager

Our Sales & Project Team

Foto: Sharif Wadan

Sharif Wadan

Project Manager

Foto: Selyna Röcker

Selyna Röcker

Project Manager

Foto: Finja Bock

Finja Bock

Account Manager

Foto: Aaliyah Thomaschewski

Aaliyah Thomaschewski

Dual Student Tourism Management

Foto: Lina Kruse

Lina Kruse

Team Lead Project

Foto: Lina Jackels

Lina Jackels

Project Manager

Foto: Sergina Albertsen

Sergina Albertsen

Account Manager

Our Operations Team

Foto: Madeleine Kopp

Madeleine Kopp

Operations Manager

Foto: Birthe Flug

Birthe Flug

Operations Manager

Foto: Jana Plescher

Jana Plescher

Operations Manager

Foto: Faruk Hatipoglu

Faruk Hatipoglu

Operations Manager

Foto: Nathalie Stadie

Nathalie Stadie

Team Lead Operations

Our Purchasing Team

Foto: Wencke Petersen

Wencke Petersen


Foto: Fabian Stork

Fabian Stork

Project Purchaser

Foto: Merle Hempen

Merle Hempen

Working Student Purchasing

Foto: Wassim Al Sayed Allaham

Wassim Al Sayed Allaham

Working Student Purchasing

Foto: Kristopher Kühn

Kristopher Kühn


Foto: Jasmin Grundler

Jasmin Grundler


Our Marketing Team

Foto: Tim Derix

Tim Derix

Team Lead Online Marketing

Foto: Valerie Killinger

Valerie Killinger

Marketing Manager

Our IT Team

Foto: Jona Prodöhl

Jona Prodöhl


Foto: Lucas Tuzina

Lucas Tuzina

Backend Developer

Foto: Alexander Kühn

Alexander Kühn

Backend Developer

Our HiClive Team

Foto: Tristan Hruby

Tristan Hruby


Foto: Nikolina Pavic

Nikolina Pavic

Marketing Manager

Hanse Mondial Founder & Management Board

Foto: Julien Figur

Julien Figur

Founder & CEO

Foto: Emmanuel Stover

Emmanuel Stover

Founder & COO

Foto: Tobias Warnecke

Tobias Warnecke

Founder & CTO

Foto: Chris Figur

Chris Figur

Founder & CFO

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