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Shuttle buses as a mobility service for employees!

Plan processes & increase motivation

With us, you can avoid unforeseeable delays and thus loss of earnings. Be assured that, as our client, you’ll enjoy the feeling of having your hand firmly “on the steering wheel”!

The mobility requirements for your employees are in a state of flux and can be a matter of great importance to you as an employer. How do a company’s employees get to work and what services does the employer offer in this regard? Is a employee shuttle needed? How much time do they spend travelling to work and what’s the absentee rate due to inadequate mobility? Companies with a shuttle service are markedly more attractive to many employees and thus have fewer problems finding employee. Hanse Mondial is your partner for shuttle bus rental to large companies from a variety of industries in Germany an Europe.

Over 1,000 fleets across Europe

My name is Julien Figur and I’m the Managing Director of Hanse Mondial GmbH. Every single day, we link more than 1,000 vehicle fleets across Europe in order to close the mobility gaps between home and workplace for our customers.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should choose us as your mobility partner?

We can answer that question for you at any time in a personal, introductory meeting!


Would that be in your interest?

In case of a spontaneous "yes", I look forward to getting to know you. Just invite yourself to a common get-to-know conversation with us. See you soon.

Not convinced yet? We promise you three things:

  1. We still believe in real promises and, true to our Hanseatic principles, we stand by our word! In no time at all, we get even the most ambitious plans on track with what is probably the most modern bus network in Europe.

  2. We’re passionately dedicated to our job and guarantee to look after the well-being of your employees. They’ll be greeted with a smile in the mornings and invited on a relaxed journey to their workplace. This relieves everyone’s stress about getting to work on time and makes it easier to have a focused start to the working day. We’ll gladly take all this upon ourselves.

  3. We believe that clear communication and transparency results in better work processes. In mobility coordination, as in your internal work processes, each cogwheel has to engage the next. Processes and operational sequences must be documented and assessable in concrete KPIs.

    We offer you all this with our Mobility Management Software (Hanse MMS). The app and web login enable you to keep a constant overview of the vehicles in use and a firm “hand on the steering wheel”.

    All dies bieten wir Ihnen mit unserer Mobility Management Software (Hanse MMS). Mittels App und Web-Login behalten Sie permanent den Überblick über die eingesetzten Fahrzeuge und haben das Steuer fest in der Hand.


We convinced you?

Let us advise you now. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Shuttle buses for large companies

Large companies from the e-commerce area, logistics and industrial sectors usually employ a large number of employee who work in several shifts. As the locations are usually outside the city centre with its close-meshed public transport network, getting to the workplace can be a challenge for employees. As an employer, you can counter this problem by providing a shuttle service for your employees. This brings employee directly to the company right on time for the start of the shift, from central, easily accessible starting points and takes them back again at the end of the shift. It’s also possible to provide a shuttle service between employee accommodation and the factory premises. If there are any car-sharing groups among your employees, they can be replaced by the shuttle service. This usually shortens the travel time to work and offers you, as the employer, a guarantee that your employees will arrive on time for the start of their shift.

Is mobility for your employees currently in a state of flux and would you, as an employer, like to ensure a comfortable commute for your employee? Then let our team draw up an individual shuttle bus rental quotation for you now! We at Hanse Mondial are your contact for shuttle bus rental throughout Germany. To provide this solution, we draw on a nationwide network of partner companies and can offer you a quick, uncomplicated solution at fair prices and with maximum service. Increase your attractiveness as an employer in the region and let us take care of the shuttle service to the workplace for your employee!

When does a shuttle service for employees make sense?

To gauge the benefit of a shuttle service for your employees, you first need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the connection to public transport and the road network like? This question is a crucial one!
  • How do a company’s employees get to work and home again after work?
  • How much time do they spend travelling to work?
  • Are there any car-sharing groups among your employees?

Based on this information, it's possible to rapidly assess the current situation and identify potential for improvement. If a company is having difficulty finding new employees and job applicants are asking about a shuttle service at the interview, that's another indication that such a service is needed.

I’d like to rent a employee shuttle, how do I do it?

Renting a employee shuttle is very easy – because we do it for you!

Our team will gladly draw up an individual shuttle bus rental quotation for you. To do this, we'll just need some information on your specific needs:

  • The travel times and routes to be covered by the shuttle buses.
  • The days on which a shuttle service needs to be provided.
  • The number of people to be transported.

Based on this information, we’ll draw up a quotation for renting a shuttle bus with driver. If you find the offer satisfactory, you can book the shuttle service for your workplace through Hanse Mondial right away and our team will be on hand to advise you regarding any questions you may have. We’ll also be happy to find logistically well-positioned meet-up points for the departure of the shuttle buses.


We convinced you?

Let us advise you now. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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