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Possible uses of buses for up to 58 people

A bus for 33 to 58 people allows medium-sized groups to go on an excursion together, to a holiday destination or to events. Using a coach with a driver is significantly cheaper and more eco-friendly than travelling by car. The shared experience begins as soon as you board the bus, and the journey can be used for an interchange of ideas. Besides renting out buses with drivers, another service we offer is the organisation of the entire bus transfer, which relieves you of the task of planning.

How do you rent a bus for 33 - 58 people?

If you'd like to rent a bus with space for up to 58 people for a group trip, first send us your specified request. Your message should include details of the date of the trip, the starting time, the starting point and destination, the number of people and any special requests you may have. If we have any queries about your enquiry, we'll contact you immediately. Otherwise, we'll provide you a non-binding offer for renting a coach for 33 - 58 people. If you find the offer satisfactory, you’ll receive a contract to sign and your booking confirmation.

How much does it cost to rent a bus for 50 people?

The costs of renting a bus depend on various factors, so it isn’t possible to quote one all-inclusive price. In particular, the number of participants, the distance between the starting point and destination, your special requests and seasonal demand together, determine the rental price.

Sample cost calculation:

In our sample calculation, 50 people want to go on a group trip from Friday to Sunday. The starting point of the trip is the Bavarian capital city Munich, and the destination is Stuttgart. In this case, the cost of renting a coach with driver will be about € 1,500 including taxes. This works out at a fare of about € 50 per person. Would you like a specific quotation for your planned group tour with up to 58 people? Then send us your enquiry now and we’ll provide you a non-binding quotation.


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Facilities on coaches for 33 - 58 people

Buses with seats for up to 58 people offer you modern facilities and plenty of seating comfort on board. The individual seats have adjustable backrests, so you can comfortably take a nap on the journey. The seats also offer plenty of legroom. A practical fold-out table on the back of the seat in front of you can hold a drink or can be used for working during the coach journey. Many buses offer Wi-Fi on board as well. Most of the bus models have a toilet on board and some have facilities for refrigerating any drinks or food that you may have brought with you. In addition, there’s plenty of storage space in the bottom section of the coach for the passengers’ luggage.

The built-in air-conditioning systems not only ensure a pleasant temperature on board the buses, but also ensure an even circulation of air and can thus significantly reduce the risk of spreading viruses and other pathogens. In addition, the buses are thoroughly ventilated at every stopover.

Multimedia equipment

Plenty of comfort and a professional chauffeur

Air conditioning

Beverage service

Other bus sizes

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