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Did you know? Traveling by bus is the most sustainable option compared to other modes of transportation.

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Planted trees

Together with Travel & Tree, we have planted over 12,000 trees in the past!

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Together for more sustainability

In addition, we support sustainability projects and ensure an eco-friendly office routine.

Together, we have saved and offset a significant amount of CO2

From September 2021 to the end of 2023, we cooperated with Travel and Tree and planted a tree for every bus booked!

We at Hanse Mondial as part of our partnership with Travel & Tree, we planted over 12,000 trees. This way, we were able to make together another important contribution to a sustainable future.

Together for a sustainable future

One or more good deeds every day – that’s the least we can do for our environment.

The Travel & Tree signet, with its tree motif, shows the number of trees planted and the amount of CO2 compensated.

Why Travel & Tree?

Travel & Tree was the ideal partner for us when it comes to CO2 compensation. True to the motto “Planting trees made easy”, Travel & Tree is committed to preserving our beautiful holiday destinations.

Travel & Tree is specialised in the travel industry and wants to give something back to nature with every trip. Over thousands of trees have already been planted worldwide and we’re happy to be able to have made our contribution to this effort.

In its daily work, Travel & Tree pursues the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries.

In an interview on our Hanse Mondial blog, Irene Smetana explains why she founded Travel & Tree and what her plans for the future are.

About the project in Tanzania

The project is located in north-east Tanzania, in the region of Tanga. It covers 230,700 hectares of land and 15 different operational areas. Travel & Tree has an on-site cooperation project with a local tree nursery, which takes care of the entire implementation process. The local population greatly welcomes the project, as it not only creates valuable jobs, but also an awareness of the importance of sustainability. The tree project in Tanzania simultaneously combats the poverty and hunger of the people there, as the stable income enables the employees to feed their families.

Native plants as well as crops are planted at the site. The local farmers are given these plants and trees as a gift and allowed to harvest and sell the fruit from the trees in return for growing them.

Further information can be found here: Travel & Tree – Tanzania: Travel and Tree - Tanzanina

The bus – the number one climate-friendly mode of transpo

At Hanse Mondial, we’ve been putting sustainability into practice ever since the company was founded. This is why it was clear to us from the very beginning that we wanted to offer our customers a sustainable travel option.

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32g* CO2

Icon: Train


36g* CO2

Icon: Car


139g* CO2

Icon: Airplane


201g* CO2

The bus already performs excellently compared to conventional means of transport and is therefore the best alternative for reaching your destination sustainably. According to the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt), 32g of CO2 per person per kilometre are emitted when travelling by bus with an average occupancy rate. When travelling by train, the figure is 36g of CO2 per person per kilometre. The figure is markedly higher if one travels by car (139g of CO2 per person per kilometre) or by plane (201g of CO2 per person per kilometre).

* Source: German Federal Environment Agency (with average occupancy rate)


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