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Rent a minibus

Would you like to go on a trip with a group of 10 to 19 people, travel to the airport or attend an event together?

In that case, a minibus is the ideal choice of transport. Inexpensive, comfortable and, on top of that, very eco-friendly. The flexibly deployable minibuses are the ideal mode of transport for small travel groups. They can also be used for that most important day in life – such as transferring a small wedding party between the registry office or church and the location of the subsequent wedding reception.

How do you rent a minibus for 15 people?

Renting a minibus for up to 15 people is relatively easy and requires only minimal effort. First of all, you submit your individual enquiry via the contact form. Then you’ll receive a non-binding offer for your specific rental request, or you can ask for advice if you have any questions. If you’re happy with the offer, the minibus rental contract will be sent to you. Now, your minibus trip can start right ahead.

What are the costs of renting a minibus for 15 people?

It isn't possible to make a blanket statement about the cost of renting a minibus for up to 15 people, as the booking price depends on many different factors. Besides the route and duration of the minibus trip, the number of participants, the facilities in the chosen minibus, any special requests and seasonal demand also affect the rental price. However, you can get a rough idea of the costs to be expected from our sample calculations below.

Sample cost calculation: A weekend trip with a minibus:

If you’re planning a day trip from Hamburg to Kiel on a Saturday with 15 passengers and would like to rent a minibus with a driver, you can expect costs of just under € 680.00 including VAT (€ 45.33 per person). In this case, you’ll leave early in the morning and return to Hamburg in the evening. After submitting your non-binding offer, you’ll receive a specific price for your desired minibus journey in the form of a personal offer.


Request a minibus now free of charge

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What a minibus has to offer

Even minibuses offer the passengers on board comfortable seating with sufficient legroom and comfortably upholstered seats. The built-in air conditioners in the minibuses for up to 19 people ensure a feel-good climate. They create pleasant coolness in hot weather and cosy warmth on board in winter. Incidentally, modern air conditioning systems in minibuses ensure good air exchange and, in combination with regular ventilation, can significantly reduce the spread of viruses and other pathogens in the air. In some cases, packed lunches can be optionally booked with the minibus as catering for the journey. You also have the possibility of directly booking tickets for leisure facilities or events, thus significantly reducing your planning stress regarding the planned trip.

10-15 seats

Air conditioning

Beverage service

Multimedia equipment

Other bus sizes

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